Monday, March 11, 2013

To be responsible or not to be responsible, that is the question

So like a good citizen, I did my taxes this weekend.  It was not my easiest tax prep year as I worked in two states but thankfully I am so poor that I am eligible for free turbotax.  Very very poor, with the whole only working part time from January to May and then almost four months of unemployment.  Substitute teaching also doesn't pay super-duper well.  So I have about $500 coming down the pipeline from the federal and state governments.

Now, a financially responsible adult would have all of that money put directly into his or her savings account. Which I should probably do.  But I don't think that is the route I'm going.  I have plans, big plans... mwahahaha!

So, where do I plan on my tax refund going?

1.  Blog Design

By this guy:  Hubby Jack who is also pretty darn funny.  Go read his blog.  Anyway, I'm paying him to design me a blog that doesn't look like I threw it together in 15 minutes and slapped it up on my blog, using trial and error with the templates.  *ahem*  That may or may not have been what I did with this design which I have a love/hate relationship with.  

2.  A New Camera

So my digital camera has fallen off the planet.  Seriously.  I have no idea where in the world it went.  A real blogger would probably blow all of my tax refund on a DSLR.  I am not that girl though.  I do not want to be THAT person on vacation with the 20 pound camera strapped around her neck, fiddling with the zoom and focus before every image shot.  No thank you.  But I want something better than a regular point and shoot so I think I want this baby:  GE X50 package

Well it LOOKS fancy...
It comes with a case and a memory card.  Not a particularly exciting brand but I think it will work.  

3. My Ruffler Foot Package

This is where you all (all none of you) realize that I am a weird seamstress lady who drools over sewing paraphernalia.  I've wanted THIS set of sewing machine feet.  Look at that sexy ruffler foot, and oh yeah!  that is one gorgeous welting foot.  Just imagine the piping I will make with that baby.   

They're practically calling my name!
So if there is someone who was actually adding up the price tags, they could tell you that it equals about half of my return.  So where is the rest going?  The savings account of course!  We have to be responsible sometimes...  

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