Sunday, March 3, 2013

Disney Day 3

Park(s) visited:  Hollywood Studios
Weather:  mostly sunny, 60 degrees

What I wore:
-bootcut jeans
-pink heart tee shirt
-polka dot cardigan
-slip on sneakers
-fleece jacket

The nice thing about today's weather is that it was not windy so even though it was technically colder, it felt nicer outside.  We ate breakfast in the dining hall and then headed off to the park.  I wanted to audition for the American Idol Experience, whih I did and then was very nicely rejected.  Mom was more disappointed than I was.  Honestly, I didn't do very well so I wasn't worried.  We headed out to explore the park.

There is a lot to see and do in Hollywood Studios.  While there are less rides, there are more shows and more opportunities to meet and see the characters.  The best rides, in my humble opinion, are the Rockin' Rollercoaster and The Tower of Terror.  So much detail has gone into crafting the entire park and these rides are no exception.

We stopped at a little bakery/cafe close to the magic hat for coffee and wound up splitting a huge and delicious cupcake.  It was a diabetic's nightmare/sugar addicts dream.  The icing was delicious but I seriously couldn't eat all of the buttercream.  We also saw both Beauty and the Beast and Voyage of Little Mermaid, shortened versions of the original stories.

One of the best things that we did was book ourselves for the Fantasmic dinner package.  Basically, if you book in advance, you can eat an early dinner and select restaurants and then get VIP seating for Fantasmic!  We had dinner at the Hollywood and Vine, which is buffet style with a large selection and huge dessert buffet.  The actual show comes after dusk and is one of the most spectacular things disney has to offer.  they combine so many amazing things.

We caught the resort us back and have collapsed into our beds to gear up for tomorrow's day at Animal Kingdom!

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