Friday, March 22, 2013

It's Possible... Anything's Possible

Happy Friday blog-o-sphere!  And happy weekend eve to anyone who is actually reading this!

It is an exciting day for me.  Opening night for Seussical Jr. was last night.  This means several things for my life:

1.  I will no longer be at school until 5:30 most evenings (YES!!!!)
2.  When home, I will no longer be surgically attached to the glue gun and my sewing machine.  (My finger tips are thankful)
3.  I will actually be home to do more than just sleep.  I haven't had a sit down dinner with the family in a week but that won't change because...

...I'm missing almost all of the shows because I'm going to Lancaster with my mom and aunts.  We're going to see Sight and Sound.  We planned this trip long before I knew I would be teaching music for three and a half months and jumping into the production feet first.  Ah well.  The title of this post, for those of you who do not know Seussical, is a line from one of the songs.  A coworker and myself both got in the habit of saying "Anything's possible" after someone says "it's possible."

The musician side of me (hence songbird, in case you were wondering) has been active as well.  Vocal coaching for the musical, singing with the Southern Delaware Choral Society, singing with the church choir, playing handbells for church, and last but not least, playing my lovely French Horn in a community band.  I do love my music.  And I might have some voice students soon.  Now, if only I could find *myself* a voice teacher again.

I will have to catch up with the digital more later.  It is almost time to depart on my glorious vacation.  Love, peace, and chicken grease (I spend too much time with middle schoolers...)

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