Friday, March 1, 2013

Disney Day 1

Park(s) visited:  Magic Kingdom
Weather:  mostly sunny, 64 degrees

What I wore:
-khaki polka dot jeans
-doctor whooves tee shirt
-polka dot cardigan
-lavender fleece jacket
-slip on sneakers

Today started at 5am when I got up and took a shower.  By six fifteen, mom and I were out the door and on our way down to Salisbury to catch Bayrunner shuttle to BWI.  It was an uneventful trip down and then over to Baltimore which is a blessing.  I don't fancy navigating those parking lots.  We checked our bag, made it through security with nary a hitch and then we waited.  Taking the shuttle got us to the air port in PLENTY of time.  I had a very overpriced burger for lunch.  It was good but I still cannot believe I paid $15 for a burger, fries, and a soda.  Ridiculous and I wasn't even in Florida yet.  Our flight was very slightly delayed and lasted a little longer than originally quoted because of a strong headwind.  Oh well.

One of the advantages of taking Disney's Magical Express is that they handle your checked luggage.  Upon disembarking the plane, we skipped baggage claim and proceeded to get in line for the bus which showed up all of two minutes later.  Now that was nice.  Mom and I are staying at the Port Orleans:  French Quarter in the downtown disney area.  It is gorgeous.  Our room is in what is possibly the best location ever.  We are on the first floor in the building adjacent to the main building with the restaurants, arcade, etc. and very near the pool complex.  Score!  Check in also went very quickly because we took advantage of the online check in process so everything was ready when we got there.

We were prepared to head off to the Magic Kingdom without waiting for our checked bag but just as we were done unpacking our carry-on luggage, we heard a knock and there it was, not five minutes after we got to the room.  We quickly unpacked and then headed to the food court for coffee and beingets before hopping on the bus to the magic kingdom.

we took the train around the park to get a view of things before hopping off in Frontier land to go to Liberty Square, where we went to the Haunted Mansion before our 6:50 dinner reservations at the Tavern.  The food was good but I am glad we have the dining plan because whew wee was it pricey.  We finished dinner in just enough time to catch the fireworks before heading back to our hotel.  Maybe a slow start but hey, we gotta start some where.

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