Saturday, March 9, 2013

Disney Days 5 and 6

All right, so I did not blog on days 5 and 6 because I got the sunburn of 2013.  I say first because I am about as pale as a bottle of skim milk.  Seriously.  On day 5, it was finally warm enough to bare my arms and legs.  When I stepped out in the sun, I swear the glow from my bare calves nearly blinded me.  I definitely needed my shades.

Me, my Mom, and my enormous sunglasses that guarded me from the glare off of my own pasty white skin.  
That being said, let me tell you about our last two full days in Disney (boo!  I didn't want to leave).  Now, in case the 0 people who read this blog want to know, the reason I have been listing off what I wore on each day is for two reasons:  1. to know which day of the week our pictures came from (because I will forget) and 2. to see what I actually wore of the big pile of clothes that I packed.  No, seriously.  I didn't wear the majority of the clothing I brought, mostly due to the weather.  So...

Sunny and 78
Parks Visited:  Epcot and Downtown Disney
What I wore:
-brown tank
-yellow sundress
-brown sandals
-brown cardi

So mom and I headed out to finish up Epcot before shopping and having dinner at the House of Blues.  We wanted to ride the newly redesigned Test Track.  The design process of the ride was broken down but honestly, we didn't care.  we wanted to ride a fast car around the track.  It was a lot of fun but honestly?  I think I liked the older version better.

After that, we took one of the boats to Italy in the world showcase section of Epcot.  We went shopping in the countries we had not hit up previously.  I found a ton of stuff that I liked but not a lot that I wanted to part with my hard earned cash for.  In "Japan" I found several purses I LOVED but they were so expensive. So I took pictures of them so I can duplicate the pattern.  Benefits of being a seamstress.  After shopping, we headed back to the hotel to drop off our things and then caught a boat from our hotel to downtown disney.  We enjoyed sundaes at Ghiradelli before shopping til we dropped into our seats at House of Blues, completely pooped out.

Sunny and 65
Parks visited:  Magic Kingdom
What I wore:
-khaki polka dot jeans
-snow white tee shirt
-EU sweat shirt
-slip on sneakers

Our last day.  Boo.  So we spent our last day at Disney in the Magic Kingdom.  I have read that most people go to the Magic Kingdom and go right, toward Tomorrowland and then on to Fanstasyland, going through the park counter clockwise.  So we took the opposite track.  I don't know if that's what did it or if we just beat the crowds but the entire time, we didn't wait for more than 20 minutes at an attraction.  Which is significant for anyone familiar with Disney world.

We took the jungle cruise with our cutie of a captain, then headed out on Pirates of the Caribbean.  We followed that up with a spin on Big Thunder Mountain, and a chaser of a river boat cruise on the the Liberty Belle.  Awesome.

I was DYING to see new fantasy land.  We rode 'It's a small world' before making our way over to all of my princess dreams.  Sadly, we did not get to eat at "Be Our Guest" because the line was out the door.  Not worth it.  We'll just have to go back.  Gaston's Tavern was a bust in terms of foods we wanted to eat.  We did go on "Journey of the Little Mermaid" which was a good ride, but there were OBNOXIOUS people in front of us in line.  They took pictures of absolutely everything, including on the ride itself.  We could hardly see for flashbulbs.  I wonder how many memory cards they brought on the trip because they must have taken 300 pictures on one ride.  Oi.  That aside, I enjoyed the ride.

They are still in the process of building a new roller coaster, themed after the seven dwarve's mine train.  I cannot wait.  I mean, it's combing princesses and roller coasters, both things that I absolutely adore.  It also is an excuse to return.  Better start pinching those pennies...

So we headed off from there to Tomorrowland, where we had a snack before going to the Monsters Inc laugh floor which was really cute.  Next, we went to Space Mountain.  We were going to get fast passes for an hour away, but then this guy offered us his for right then and there because they didn't need them!  So on we went, though we were a little delayed due to some kind of break down (we think someone dropped something).  Onto the rollercoaster.

Now, one thing (well, two things) I determined that I wanted that I didn't purchase when I first saw them was this pair of scarves, one with Cinderella and the other with my homegirl Belle.  So we went to track them down in Magic Kingdom and caught a parade on our way to shopping.  Scarves in hand, we headed back to our hotel to pack and prep for our dinner at our neighbor hotel.  And then I was sad because it meant we were leaving.  that vacation was not nearly long enough!  So there you have it.  I think I'll spare you all (well, you no one, actually...) the details of air travel and shuttle service from Baltimore to Salisbury.

So there you have it.  I'm going to craft this weekend so hopefully I'll actually take pictures to write up a tutorial.  I'm so bad about doing that because I get so into what I'm working on.  We'll see.  Have a good weekend people and do yourself a favor and feed your soul by going to church on Sunday.  I'll talk more about my good Christian girl side some other time.

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