Friday, March 15, 2013

Stressed Caitlin goes shopping

So people respond to stress by doing a variety of different of things, some of which are productive and some of which are destructive.  Me?  I wind up driving my own self crazy(er.  crazier.  I am already nuts) because I will inevitably distract myself by doing something else.  Like, I don't know, start sewing my Easter dress when I need to be making costumes.  (Eagle wings are the BANE of my existence.  Don't ask).  I also tend to respond by whining about about everything that's going on.  (Read:  my job.)

I really feel like a stereotypical old lady most days.  I belong on a porch in a rocking chair with granny glasses and a cane to wave at the smiling children passing by.  THEY HAVE DONE SOMETHING WRONG, DAG NAB IT!!!  GET OFF MY LAWN!!!  I can often be found shaking my head and saying "kids these days..."  I am a twenty-three-year-old grumpy old lady.  Maybe I should dye by hair retirement home gray?

All right, end rant.

So to wash away the stress of the pass week, I took a nice hot bath with a beverage and a romance novel.  The stress drips off into the water.  What else will I be doing?  trying to get things done.  And possibly having my hair cut.  Whatever.  Better than my old habit of baking every time I feel the pinch.  Seriously.  When I was in Oxford, this was my process.  "I have a huge essay due in less than 24 hours.  I have a huge pile of notes to compile into said 8 page paper...  I think I need to make a cheesecake to go with dinner tonight."  All of the walking is the only reason I did not become enormously fat while in Oxford.

So there you go.  You should maybe not live by my example.

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