Saturday, July 20, 2013

Fun Facts Fridays: Day late, and a dollar short

You might notice that that it is Saturday evening.  And this post title contains the word Friday.  Um... oops?  I got home late(ish) last night and completely forgot.  Normally I produce a top ten list but I'm not feeling especially creative tonight.  So I'm just going to give you ten random facts about me.  WHich you may or may not appreciate.  Whatever.  Read it and weep.  

1.  I absolutely love reading children's/young adult fiction.  Right now I'm re-reading the Ember series which is a post-apocalyptic series with four books.  In the first, we meet the people of the City of Ember, a city that is dying.  The city was built underground to preserve humankind but they weren't supposed to stay as long as they did--the instructions to leave and knowledge of the outside world were lost.  Lina and Doon discover the way out of the City.  In book two, the whole city makes it above ground and encounters a group of people called the Sparks.  The two groups struggle to work together for survival.  Book three is a semi-related prequel called The Prophet of Yonwood, and Book four Is called Diamond in the Darkhold.  I actually hadn't read this one before but it's good so far.  

2.  I watch a lot of guilty pleasure reality TV.  Like Breaking Amish.  The only one I simply cannot abide is Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.  I just can't do it.  I don't really like Big Brother either.  But House Hunters?  Ooh yeah.  Tabitha's Salon Take Over?  Give me more of that!  

3.  Recently, Netflix took down several of the seasons of Law and Order: Special Victim's Unit and I almost cried when I found out.  I LOVE that show and I like being able to watch it whenever I want.  They got rid of the early seasons!  *whine*

4.  I have a piano that I inherited by banging on it at my grandmother's house when I was very young.  I would insist that all my family come hear me "play."  I was earmarked as a musician from a very young age.  

5.  I cannot STAND being overly warm.  If I'm sweaty, I feel like the grossest person ever.  In particular, if I wake up sweaty I am super unhappy.  If I have time for another shower, I take one.  But as I normally shower at night and therefore don't leave that extra time in the morning for a shower.  

6.  I think that leggings should never be worn as pants.  Period.  I don't care if you have thighs the size of toothpicks.  Put on actual pants.  

7.  I am super excited for Catching Fire to come out in November.  I love the books.  My friends talked me into reading the series by friends right around when the movie came out and I have been an addict ever since.  
8.  I am an introvert.  I love talking to people but in order to stay sane, I seriously need alone time.  If I do not get enough alone time I feel like punching people in the throat.  

9.  I love crafting and dream of being a "famous" craft blogger but I doubt I ever will be.  Why?  Taking enough pictures for a tutorial takes the fun out of it for me.  I like doing things and creating things, not really thinking about the process and how I will explain it.  

10.  I've written a novel.  An inspirational romance novel--aka a cheesy Christian romance novel.  I've mentioned it before but it bears repeating.  It needs revising and editing and polishing and all of that but maybe some day you will see a book by me on the shelves.  :)

Til next time, folks!

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