Thursday, July 18, 2013

Finish the sentence with Jake and Holly & life updates

I seriously need to see the doctor about my depression/anxiety and insomnia.  Why?  Right now the only way for me to sleep through the night is by taking some benadryl before bed (which is the active ingredient in Tylenol PM and most OTC sleep aids, btw).  Apparently the other night it was a little too effective because I have absolutely no recollection of my alarm going off until I looked at my cell phone and saw that it was 6:15.  My alarm starts going off at 5:45.  So I must've hit it six times without having any recollection of the event.  Um...  yeah.  

I have just over a month until I start my new job.  I finally turned in my HR paperwork on my day off so I guess that *actually* makes it official.  There are about 500 things I will need to do between now and then but hey, they'll get done.  At some point.  I hope.  

And on to the reason most of those reading this wound up at my neck of the woods...


1. If I had one extra hour in the day...  I would sleep.  Or so I tell myself.  In all likelihood, that extra hour would wind up being dedicated to facebook and reading blogs.  

2. I wish my name...  was not so freaking common!  My parents thought they were being really original with the name Caitlin... only for it to be a top ten name for the next sixteen or so years.  What would I choose for myself?  Hmmm...  Harmony.  or something really strange like Bunny Starmuffins.  

3. I think anything chevron is... cute.  But also way over done.  I like chevron but part of me can't wait for it to be over as a trend.

4. My last nightmare... was about work.  I have nightmares about work almost every night.  I know I'm lame.  Feel free to psychoanalyze me.  No, seriously.  Diagnose my craziness and send me to the loony bin.  Maybe I'll finally sleep through the night.  

5. Sometimes... I fantasize about eating everything I want again.  And then I remember that I gain weight by imagining that I ate ice cream.  And I already took in/gave away all of my fat pants so that plan is out.  

6. My last meal on earth would be... lobster, macaroni and cheese, bread with lots of butter, and lots of ice cream.  BRING ON THE CARBS AND FAT!!!!

7. I would much rather be smart than pretty.  I happen to be both but I think my brain serves me a lot better.  

8. Mayonnaise... is a wonderful condiment.  And also a fantastic hair conditioner.  Just don't leave it out in the sun.  

9. 10 years ago, I didn't think... I would be anything like my parents.  Granted, I was thirteen and when you are thirteen, being like your nice, reasonably successful parents is the last thing you want in the world.  About that...  Now I am quite happy to be compared to my mother who is a fantastic lady.  

10. Selfishly... I hope I win the lottery.  But I think everyone thinks that so hmm.  Selfishly I would really like my family to disappear for one day a week and let me have the house to myself so I can do my laundry, watch endless movies without interruption and crank the AC so the temp inside is below 70.  Sounds like heaven.  And also sounds impossible.  

11. My favorite show on TV right now... is not Glee.  Or any reality TV show.  In fact, I watch mostly reruns of all shows on Netflix.  So I'll go with NCIS since that one actually airs on TV and I don't deeply resent recent casting changes (like I do with Law and Order: SVU). 

12. And, George Zimmerman... is not a police officer like half of the people on the internet seem to think.  He was a neighborhood watchman.  I would also say he probably belongs in jail, but I'm not sure he should've been charged with murder II... Probably manslaughter I.  To be fair, with the string of break ins in the neighborhood, I probably would've been suspicious of someone I didn't know walking around the neighborhood as well, but I would not have pulled out a gun and shot them.  

'Til next time, folks.

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