Friday, June 28, 2013

Fun Facts Friday: Five Blogs I Follow

This is not an all inclusive list.  It isn't really ranked either.  These are just ten of the blogs that I follow, the ones I would probably consider to be my favorites.  

Two fantastic ladies experiment with things they find on Pinterest and also post about other people's pinterest disasters.  Much hilarity.  

Hubby Jack (aka Chris Stanfield) designed my blog and it's gorgeous.  He is also hilarious in making fun of all of the blog women out there.  Of which I am one but still...

One of my sewing inspirations.  She takes extremely ugly thrift store finds and transforms them into something awesome that she actually wears in public.  

This couple rocks.  They DIY massive projects in their house and blog about it and their lives.  It's fantastic and they bought a new house with horrible blue trim that they are making over.  

So many cute crafts and posts by Mandy, a very nice lady.  She is also a silhouette blogger and does all kinds of cool stuff.

I follow a lot of blogs so this is not an all inclusive list by any means.  These are just five of the ones that I check every single day so they deserve a shout out from me... for whatever it's worth :)

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