Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I cannot stop gazing at the gorgeousness that is my new blog design.  Seriously.  It's fantastic and I adore it.  Thank you Hubby Jack for your mad skillz.  It looks WAAAAAAAY better than anything I could've come up with.

So yesterday was one of the few days that I worked at the high school and didn't want to strangle something afterward.  The reason? I really didn't have to do much and I still get paid my full days wages.  No complaints here.  Also, I didn't have rehearsal last night (which makes me kind of sad, actually...) so I was home last night to watch NCIS... and then promptly fell asleep around 8 PM and got up at 8 this morning.  Seriously.  I think I needed the sleep or something.

Tonight I will be running off to go to rehearsal for Rehoboth Concert band where I play the French horn.  My friends that I usually go with are not going so I think I might take myself out on a dinner date.  I have been craving Mexican for WEEKS.  Oh my gosh do I want Chile Rellenos.  And guacamole.  Yes.  It is a date.

I am not one of those people who is afraid of doing things by herself.  I have no problem with solo trips to the movies or to dinner or out shopping.  I think that's the whole introverted thing.  I like time to myself and doing things independently.  I don't shy away from that.  Being single doesn't mean that I am unhappy and need to wait for a man to take me out on the town.  Or friends for that matter since I keep old lady hours most of the time and most people my age don't.

Whatever.  I've never been a "normal" girl.  Case in point:  for my day off, I have done nothing except watch HGTV/TLC and read.  I had a list of things to do today and suddenly I'm just all "meh.  maybe I'll be a good girl... maybe I won't."  Yeah.  I knew I was boring anyway.

So there you have it.  The rantings and ramblings of the day as I debate what in the world to consume for lunch, especially since I skipped breakfast...

Love, peace, and chicken grease,

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