Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Doctor Who, job applications, and my pants

So I kind of gave away the contents of this post in the subject line.  Oops?  I imagine you will survive.  Or possibly just not read the post because you are probably convinced that I am a wack-a-doodle...

...In which case you would be right.

So.  Doctor Who.  For those who don't know, I'm mildly obsessed.  My ex-boyfriend and I used to watch it all the time.  In fact, those evening watching it on the couch were kind of how we got together.  Beside the point though.  I'll not get into everything about the series and my love for it (fangirlfangirlfangirlfangirlfangirl).  For those who don't watch it, the show is about an alien who flies around in his time machine and having adventures.  Sometimes he sees beautiful things and sometimes he sees ugly things.  He spends an awful lot of time in modern day London as well...  Anyway, one of the ugly things he encounters is a nasty piece of work called the silence who you forget immediately after seeing.  The characters in the show marked themselves with tally marks whenever they saw one to remind themselves.  In the halls where I am working this week are pictures of people with what looked like tally marks at first glance.  This was where my brain went:

Thought #1:  OMG silence!  They have worked Doctor Who into the curriculum!

Thought #2:  Is Doctor Who really appropriate for a school subject?

Thought #3:  ...Those aren't tally marks, are they? This has nothing to do with Doctor Who...

Speaking of work, I am applying for a new job.  If you haven't read about it before, I'm a substitute teacher. I'm applying for something a bit more steady.  Here is hoping I get it, especially after having to track down my high school diploma.  I am a college graduate and can easily produce that diploma and my official transcript from that, but they need separate proof that I did, in fact, graduate from high school in the form of my high school diploma.  It took an hour and a half of my mother and I searching to find the darn thing in my grade school memory box.  Yeah.

And on to my pants...

Problem #1:  I have lost approximately 35 pounds since September.  I still have a lot to love and want to keep going, but 35 pounds in and problems have been arising.  Or shall I say falling.  Yes, that's right folks, my pants are so big that I have one pair that will fall off.  So I have had to buy new pants.  I have been very moderate in my new purchases because this is one stop on the road to weightloss, not an ultimate goal.  Still, in the last few months, I have bought five pairs of pants.

Problem #2:  I am 5'2" with good posture.  Even for being 5'2" I have short legs so even short or petite pants are too long so every pair of pants I ever buy has to be hemmed.  In the chaos of life, My hemming pile definitely grew.  As did my alterations pile because despite those 35 lbs being missing, I still have a huge butt and a (comparatively) tiny waist.  So...

Problem #3:  Half the pants I buy also have to be taken in at the waist.

I'm sure you are all sobbing for me now with my whole sad story of needing to take in my pants.  Thankfully, I know how to do it and have done a few pairs already so I don't have to pay someone else to do it for me.  So I turn on an episode of Law and Order: SVU on netflix, grab the seam ripper and go to town.  Carefully.

Bonus Topic:  I am singing in a concert this weekend.  I have two (very brief) dramatic roles within the show where I play a seductive gypsy girl.  For that mojo, I decided I needed brazen hussy red lipstick.  That was no easy task.  I bought four different shades in an effort to find one that doesn't look orange on me.  I'm not entirely sure I succeeded but it will have to do.

So that's my ramble for the day.  Hope you enjoyed the fact that I'm a random weirdo.

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