Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hobby Lobby is an addiction...

So happy 23rd birthday to me!  "How are you going to celebrate?" the 11 people who looked at my blog in October may ask.  Well let me tell you.

Unlike a lot of my wild and crazy peers, I am boring.  No, seriously.  Following Hurricane Sandy, my sub job yesterday was cancelled and I held my breath and prayed I wouldn't get called today (I didn't) so I could go to Hobby Lobby and Michael's in honor of surviving 23 years--which would've been a feat in the 17th century or so.  Granted, back then I also would be married and have several children by now...

So the birthday plans:

1.  Baked oatmeal muffins for breakfast (check)
2.  Drink copious amount of coffee (check)
3.  Read a lot on my kindle (check)
4.  Go to the craft stores and use those 40% off coupons
5.  Dinner at Olive Garden with my parents
6.  ...Go to bed at 10pm because I work tomorrow

The biggest debate now is what I should have for lunch...  hmmm...  what I really want is some chic-fil-a but that involves a) driving half an hour and b) paying money for it.  So I suppose I'll eat something from the massive quantity of food that is already in the house...

So, here is my question:  what do y'all do for your birthdays (especially the grown ups)?  Are you tame like me or crazy like Ke$ha?

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