Sunday, October 28, 2012

Frankinstorm and My Craft Addiction

For those of you who live under a rock (or in the Midwest, outside of the US, or the south)  Hurricane Sandy and her little friends who she is converging with are are going to hammer the daylights out of the Mid Atlantic. It's already raining here with some blowing breezes so I am safe and sound and warm in the house, looking at fabrics and anticipating the arrival of the sewing machine I am getting for my birthday.  In the meantime, I am fantasizing about all the amazing thins I am going to make with this sewing machine.

Like maybe THIS cell phone/computer travel carrying Case.  

(Image Source:  No copyright infringement intended)

I would probably choose a laminated cotton like THIS Amy Butler pattern.  So cute, no?

(Image Source:  Amy Butler licensed pattern.  No copyright infringement intended)

While I'm at it, how about a matching purse like THIS one.  Ignore the horrible fabric in the picture.  I my Amy Butler fabric.  I can just picture it with pink piping.  

(Image Source:  No copyright infringement intended)

My Ultimate Project, however, is that I eventually want to make myself a new rennaisance faire dress.  A truly fantastic one.  Complete with resplendent fabrics and a steel boned bodice. 

In the mean time, before I start buying up all those patterns and fabrics, I have two quilting projects.  One is an actual quilt and one of them is a set of Christmas placemats and a table runner that will be up on Sugar Bee Crafts as part of the guest posting extravaganza.  My date is December 7th.  I have a pretty pile of fabrics that I just spent far too much money on.  Coming up:  a tutorial on making decorative snowballs.  

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