Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Under Construction?

Honing my mad graphics skills to work on a new blog design for my revamped blog.  This started out as a travel adventure blog when I went to England and now...  well, we'll see.  :)  Crafts, sewing, cooking, decor, and my crazy life.  Maybe some photoshop for babies tutorials?  

So an introduction for anyone who actually decides to read this:  

I am Caitlin, a not quite 23 year old substitute teacher with a degree in music, a crazy life, a degree in music, and a love for Jesus.  I'm not your typical mommy-type craft blogger, but don't be too scared.  I am pretty tame, unless the fact that I spend my weekends watching Sabrina the Teenage Witch, occasionally visiting the hunky-hunky boyfriend at college, and trying to convince myself that no, I don't need to go to Hobby Lobby AGAIN.  

Welcome to this little corner of my life.  :)

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