Wednesday, November 14, 2012

An ode to butter

Hello Dear friends.  If you have been lurking for a while, reading my posts, you probably already realize that I am (more than) slightly off my rocker.  If you are visiting for the first time, you are soon to discover that...  To further prove that, I give to you...

So like 90% of American women, I am on a "diet."  By diet, I mean I am making a concerted effort to control the amount of calories I eat and eat healthy foods, not follow a particular "plan."  As you can imagine, regular consumption of butter is not part of keeping my waist line small(er).  That being said...


The other morning, I had a treat for breakfast:  whole wheat toast with butter.  In a previous life, that would just be a normal breakfast.  Now it is a delicious treat for special mornings.  We keep our butter in a glass dish on the counter so it stays soft and spreadable and oh so tempting.  On Saturday morning, I got up and toasted my whole wheat bread and spread each piece with a generous pat of butter.  Though the temptation to enjoy the deliciousness leaning up against the counter was great, I resisted and instead put the toast on my plate and sat down at the kitchen table with my toast and coffee.  Those few moments allowed the the melting butter to seep into the bed.

Man was it delicious.

I could just feel the saturated fats enveloping my heart in warmth and deliciousness... or alternatively hardening my arteries, but you know, same difference.  Butter is good... just not good for you.

My favorite way to enjoy butter is simply spread on toast or a biscuit but its also fabulous within a recipe... Like butter sugar cookies or in a garlic sauce.  Or melted and ready for my to dip my artichokes or snow crab claws into.  That's good too.

Leave a comment on how you enjoy butter :)  Do you do straight up butter or are you more of a margarine person?

PS.  Tune in Next Week for my Ode to Cheese

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