Thursday, May 23, 2013

Return of the Invisible Woman

So I apologize for falling off the planet.  Trust me, it was unintentional.  Life just got crazy for the last week and a half.  Well, crazier than normal.  So let me recap.

So backing up to Wednesday the 8th, I was made aware of a potential job for the summer.  I had band that evening so I did not have time to call the person who had contacted me so between getting off work on the 9th and heading off to the Seussical Jr. cast party, I called my potential new boss.  I was invited to submit my resume, which I did promptly.  Next day, I worked again and right after I got off work, I listened to a voice mail asking me to fulfill the next application and assessment steps which I did immediately upon returning home.  Boom.  Five minutes later, I get a call from potential boss's boss offering me the job as I have passed the assessment.  Boom boom.

...And informing me that I need to get a drug test and be fingerprinted within 3 business days.

What is this job, you may ask?  I am working as a bank teller for the summer at a branch near the beach.  Because it is a bank, drug screening and fingerprints are required.  However, I did not want to have to jam both events into my already jam packed week.  I went to schedule my drug screening and prints, intending to go do my drug screening on Saturday morning.  So I went to the lab on Saturday morning... only to discover that they stop drug testing an hour before they close.  ...Crap.  New plan.

So I head home to make some calls, begging people to host students from the Eastern University Choir who was doing a concert on Wednesday evening then headed down to Sams Club to buy paper products and food for said event.  Can I just say that the hot dog, diet coke, and frozen yogurt sundae was the cheapest/best lunch I had all week?  I think I paid $3.50.  Returned home, more calls, more begging, more pleading.

Sunday, I went to church for the early service to beg people from the service I don't normally go to.  Thankfully, after some confusion, I got enough people to volunteer so by that evening I had placed everyone on my little list with someone.  Deep breaths.

I had booked some teaching gigs for Monday through Wednesday a long time ago and there was no getting out of it so it was mandatory chaos.  Monday wasn't all that bad but Tuesday and Wednesday... whoa boy.  I had a very early appointment to go pee in a cup on Tuesday morning, worked all day, was fingerprinted, and then went to the church to go do set up for the choir dinner.  Problem:  there was an event at church that evening I hadn't previously known about so I could not set up tables and do table cloths and all of that fun stuff.  I mixed up the drinks and prayed for sanity.  Upon returning home, I worked on getting house ready for guests by making beds, blowing up air mattresses, and vacuuming.  More prayers for sanity.

Wednesday was when the real chaos began.  I headed off to work like a cray person who bites off more than she can chew, praying that i hadn't forgotten anything important.  Car cleaned out?  Check.  Computer with me in case I need to access my lists?  check.  Sanity intact?  well...

I left school literally the first second I could... only to learn that the choir had arrived early.  Ahhhh!!!!  So I went off to the church just as fast as I could (which was not very fast because of utility work en route).  After showing the director around the church, we had less than two hours to have dinner ready to go.. Thankfully, many people had already dropped off their dishes.  I don't know how we did it but we did.  The cinner was good, the concert was amazing, and it was offer surprisingly quickly.  then there people at my house and we stayed up talking until 2 AM  (some of them were my best friends from my choir days).  Next morning, it took several trips to get the choir members back to the church, saw the choir off and then my real day began...

I had to make myself look like a real person (not a bum) because I had to head down to Princess Anne for training for my new job.  I made it, after getting lost on the way due to my GPS being confused.  It's kind of sad that my hour each way commute plus a full day of training was my easy day--other than the rehearsal I had that afternoon afterwards of course.

In my Friday training, I learned that essentially my entire wardrobe was not going to work.  Those 35 pounds I have lost mean my clothes don't fit.  And most of the clothes that do fit are not appropriate.  So I had to shop.  Which I did Friday after training and also all day Saturday, until the afternoon when I had a rehearsal. Because I had a concert Sunday afternoon.

This week hasn't been as chaotic but I have had training every day, with an hour commute each way.  So by the time I'm ready to relax, I don't feel like blogging.

So there you go.  I'll try to be more regular.  I'm working on a post on taking in a top/adjusting the proportions for short people like me.  In the mean time, this will have to do.

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