Friday, May 3, 2013

Fun Facts Friday: Top 10 Favorite Foods

So I am trying out this whole "regular posts thing."  I decided to try out my own 'Fun Facts Friday' where I will share top 10 lists of facts about me you may or may not have wanted to know.  So today I'm going to tell you all about the food that I love.  Let me preface that by saying that this girl LOVES food.  I mean, how else do I explain my ridiculous size 18 butt?  I have eaten every blessed pound and I will admit it.  Working on eating less.  That being said... my 10 favorite foods...

1.  Ice Cream
I have a huge sweet tooth and something about the sweet, cold, creamy meltiness of ice cream makes it my ultimate favorite food.

2.  Macaroni and Cheese
Specifically, the good stuff made with real cheese and baked in the oven, often with bacon or vegetables mixed in.  I could write a sonnet on cheese and how much I love it.  Mozzarella, brie, gorgonzola, provolone, amish butter cheese... oh my giddy goodness.  Home girl likes some cheese.

3.  Bread
When I was younger, I joined the Atkins craze and actually lost a lot of weight in the process.  I gained it all back very quickly because there was not a snowball's chance that I was going to do without bread for the rest of my life.  Me and bread are bffs.  I think that's probably why it hangs out right around my thighs whenever I consume it...

4.  Maryland Blue Crabs
I have lived in Southern Delaware for the entirety of my life.  For those of you who are not from the midatlantic, Delaware is part of the Delmarva penninsula with the Chesapeake Bay to the West and the Delaware Bay to the east.  Water=seafood.  I have fond memories of going crabbing as a child... and also fond memories of eating seamed crabs, covered in Old Bay and dipped into cider vinegar.  Mmmm... I like crabs in a multitude of ways:  cakes, balls, crab imperial, steamed, etc etc.  Maryland crab has now become a thing that gourmet restaurants are serving and charging an arm and a leg for but the hipster in me is screaming I LIKED MARYLAND CRAB BEFORE IT WAS COOL!!!!

5.  Scrapple
A number of people are probably confused by this.  "what is scrapple?" some of you are asking?  Well, I'll tell you.  It is the stuff the sausage factory rejected, mixed with cornmeal, and grilled up nice and crispy.  Yes.  Sounds awful, tastes delicious.  Just like hot dogs.

6.  Scallops
I know.  My second seafood entry but I can't help it.  Seafood, especially shellfish, are just so gosh darn delicious.

7.  Cheese cake
I love cheesecake.  It's also my signature creation.  I make a truly magnificent white chocolare raspberry cheesecake.  Truly.

8.  Lemon
This is kind of vague...  I don't eat raw lemons or anything like that but I love consuming lemon IN things.  Lemon squeezed on fish, lemon muffins, lemon curd, lemon bars, lemon lemon lemon lemon.

9.  Caramel
I enjoy chocolate like almost all women but what I really love is caramel.  Sweet, buttery, sometimes salty.  It's so deliciously wonderful.  The Ice Cream Store in Rehoboth has a "Buttery Salted Caramel" flavor that is my absolute favorite kind of ice cream ever.

10.  Butter
I love butter so much that I wrote an ode to it for a previous entry.  Yes.  Delicious, delicious butter...  preferable on a warm crusty slice of #3.

It was surprisingly hard to come up with this list for two reasons:  1.  I like a lot of foods but 2.  I'm not passionate about every single things that passes my lips.  Oh well.

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