Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I'll procrastinate tomorrow...

So I really ought to be writing my paper (due September 30th but I have a second one due the same day) and yet I am so very very distracted. My brain just wants to turn off and look at meaningless things rather than focus on real academic study. Such a pity.

On a typical day, I wake up at around seven or seven-fifteen, get up brush my teeth, get dressed, put on a little make-up, and go downstairs for breakfast. There is usually one or two other people up at this point and we bustle around the kitchen, boiling water for tea, fighting to get in the corner where the cabinets holding appropriate dishware are, and shuffling in and out, getting food from our various cabinets and refrigerators. I now have my own box of PG Tips, which I drink at least twice a day with milk and a tiny amount of sugar. I tend to eat granola or mueselli with skim milk, probiotic yogurt, juice, and tea for breakfast. I wash my dishes, put them away, and head upstairs to locate appropriate footwear and pack my backpack for the day ahead. I've been getting out the door at 8:30 the last few days, in an effort to arrive at Wycliffe in time for some (mostly) uninterrupted practice time. I bike through the cow pasture (yes really) and over Parks Road, onto Banbury Road, dodging cars, buses, cyclists, and worst of all, pedestrians. LOOK OUT FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY, PEOPLE!

I do like my time in almost empty Wycliffe in the mornings. It's peaceful. I sing whatever I feel like/need to. Sam (the junior dean at Crick. He's a real sweetheart and also a French horn player) comes in around quarter after to set up the computer and audio system for the day's Schama. I can tolerate him hearing me practice, a rare thing for me, who has issues allowing my parents to hear me practice. As more people filter in, I shut up and sit down. Tyler usually sits next me and Schama starts promptly at 9.30. Although I am almost always tired and struggling to stay awake I will confess to actually liking it.

After Schama is our half hour tea break in which we all hang out. Then it is lecture time. I have varying degrees of interest in the lectures they give us but most of them are pretty interesting. Lunch time is at 12.00. I have developed a strict 'don't ask don't tell' policy with the food. I've decided I just don't want to know what's in it. It is usually tolerable although the 'beef stroganoff' was just bad. I ate half of it and gave up.

Usually after lunch, the day is ours. About once a week, I have to head to the music faculty library to get my books but the rest of the time, I head back to the Vines, either going directly or most often making a stop somewhere else first. I like this arrangement because I'm usually one of the only people in the Vines when I get back so I squeeze in more practice time. More often than not, someone is upstairs or Graham is in his room and I know they can hear me but as long as I don't see anyone else while I'm practicing, it's okay. Usually.

My afternoons are spent doing homework, cooking, or otherwise goofing off, depending on the day, my mood, and the level of work dangling over my head like Damocles sword. I ought to be doing work now, in fact. Hmmm...

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