Tuesday, September 28, 2010

But ah! Forget my fate...

So I have not been nearly so faithful in my blog updates as I had hoped to be. Oh well. Perhaps I shall grow to be better at updating the world at large of my goings-on. In the meantime, I do have quite a bit of real academic writing to complete by Thursday 8.00.

My Henry Purcell paper is blessedly complete (well, the first draft, anyway...) and I am more than halfway through my Ralph Vaughan Williams paper. They are all that stand between me and my vacation. Well, them and more Schama. Tomorrow I need to head over to Headington Shops after our lectures are over in order to purchase knitting needles. I cannot go on vacation in England without some sort of project to work on.

I baked cinnamon rolls last night. They turned out alright although they are not my favorite baking adventure thus far. I think that would have to go to the nutella crepes. Now those were good... I really enjoy being able to cook. It feels so much more homey and domestic here than it does living in the dorms at Eastern. This is my house. I have a kitchen, a living room, a dining room, a bedroom, a bathroom, a study, a foyer, and a driveway. I unlock the front and side doors with my key and am greeted with stillness in the afternoons and raucous laughter and the smell of good food cooking when I come in the evenings. There are jokes made at each others' expense, bouts of giggles, and plenty of Hornblower.

I almost (but not really) feel sorry for Graham who has to put up with these 44 American students who run around in this house, often teasing him. As he teases us right back, I feel less sorry and will often join in the poking fun. He's really an amazing person and I'm glad he's our JD. I go to his church, where he has been kind enough to introduce me to some of his friends and help me get connected into the community. While I won't be going this week (I leave for the Lake District almost as soon as we get back from London on Thursday), I'm going to start going to Bible study at OCC.

I would say more about the amazingness of Oxford life, but as it is, Mr. Vaughan Williams is calling my name. Time to finish this paper. Betcha I can get it done before 15.00!

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