Friday, August 2, 2013

Fun Facts Fridays: Ten Celebrities I Have Crush On

And Channing Tatum is NOT on my list.  Seriously.  I am possibly the only woman on the planet who feels that way.  I swear I am straight though.  Maybe you'll agree when you see the list.  

1.  Jonathan Rhys Myers 

Yum.  Total Eye candy.  Contrary to popular belief, my love does not stem from the Tudors.  No, I found him delicious in August Rush.  I hear he is a jerk in real life though.  So I will look from afar.  

2.  Patrick Dempsey

I had a really hard time picking a photo.  They were all so yummy. So I chose the intense gaze of this Versace ad.  He seems like he would be a really nice, romantic guy in real life.  And the pictures of him with his kids are adorable.  

3.  Liam Hemsworth

Oh Liam.  Why are you with Miley when you could be with me?  You are delicious and you seemed really sweet in the Last Song.  And I also have a lot of trouble separating you from your role as Gale.  

4.  Jonathan and Drew Scott

I know this is cheating but they are identical twins.  And super good looking.  And always seem so nice on TV.  And they do real estate investing and design houses.  Can you imagine anything better?  

5.  Gerard Butler

Look at those eyes.  LOOK AT THEM!!!!  So blue.  And don't forget about those Abs in 300.  Or, for the musician in me, his voice in Phantom of the Opera.  I even like him in the Ugly Truth.  Yes.

6.  Ryan Gosling


I feel like I would hardly be a woman if I didn't like Ryan Gosling.  I mean for gosh sakes, just watch the Notebook.  He probably isn't as sweet and sensitive in real life as he comes across on the screen and in the paparazzi photographs but still.  I can at least admire from afar.  

7.  David Tennant


Yum.  David will always be my favorite doctor.  In fact, I'm waiting to hear the TARDIS on my front lawn and I am fully convinced that David will open the door and invite me to explore the universe with him.  Aside from that, David Tennant seems like a nice guy.  He likes to interact with his young fans.  Oh, and he also seems a little crazy/dorky just like me.  

8.  Benedict Cumberbatch


I think I could listen to his voice all day.  And also stare into his eyes. And run my fingers through his hair.  But mostly I think I just want to stare at him.  

9.  David Boreanaz


I can't decide which role I like him better in:  Angel or Agent Booth.  Probably Booth (from Bones in case you were wondering).  He seems like a big strong protector type.  

10.  Matthew McFayden


Oprah once made a joke that she could listen to Sean Connery read the phone book.  I could DEFINITELY listen to Matthew McFayden read the phone book.  And those eyes.  Looking over the list, I seem to have a thing for dark haired guys with pretty eyes.  He is definitely no exception.  

So this is an extremely superficial list, in case you didn't notice.  Somehow I doubt any of these men are my soul mate (the majority are married already) but I can still look from afar, right?  I hope you enjoyed the eye candy.  'Til next time.  

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