Sunday, May 27, 2012

The more things change, the more they stay the--well, actually they just change. A lot.

So my last post (some 2 months ago...) with semi-veiled references to a boy I flirt with?  Said boy is my boyfriend now.  Worst timing eve considering it happened two weeks before I graduated from college but whatever.  Life is weird.

Oh that's right... I also graduated from college.  If there actually is someone reading this (which I mostly doubt), I have spent the last four years at Eastern University, a small Christian liberal arts college in suburban Philadelphia, studying music performance.  I also did a brief sojourn in Oxford, UK, and the original purpose of this blog was to document my time there and all that led up to that time.

I also hacked off my hair recently into what is basically a long bob that is a deep auburn.  I did it two days prior to graduation so the overpriced graduation photos show it, plus the ones my parents took.

So with all of these changes (some minor, some significant), the strangest for me is that I am now living at home with my parents and older brother.  Since I've worked summers with Sodexo, I haven't lived at home for more than four weeks at a time in more than two years.  Trying to find a job for the summer, and planning on substitute teaching come fall while applying for my long list of graduate schools.  I just need to find something part time for the summer so I can, you know, put gas in my car and do stuff like that (*cough*creditcard*cough*).  I don't want full time for this summer because there is an unexpectedly large amount of things I need to do before I can apply to graduate school.  More than I was initially thinking.

In other news, in another money making scheme, I am thinking of opening an etsy shop and peddling my crafty wares, giving myself an excuse to create (*cough*buyasewingmachine*cough*).  If I'm going to sell it, it means I can try absolutely everything I find on pinterest, right?



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