Monday, May 17, 2010

Places to Go, People to see: Planes trains and automobiles

There are only about 900 things that I have to do before I abandon my native soil for that of Merry Olde England. I thankfully have a passport but I cannot say the same for much else. There are so many plans to be made, things you wouldn't necessarily think about. Let's make a list, shall we?

1. Plane tickets. From US to England and vice versa.
2. Contact Health Insurance company to ensure that I will be covered while I am abroad.
3. Physical Examination and vaccinations
4. Eye exam and new glasses
5. Dental exam
6. Power of Attorney
7. Overseas financial arrangements (Hello Visa Travel Money...)
8. 1,000 more forms to fill out at Eastern
9. New Laptop since this one is hanging on by a thread...
10. Plug and voltage adapters
11. Make cell phone arrangements with Verizon
12. Make enough money this summer so that it will be unnecessary to work while abroad.

Annnndddd.... So much more that I can't think of right this second. Wish me luck?

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